What Is Slide-A-Jar?

Slide-A-Jar is a patent pending system meant to make storing and organizing your canning jars easier, efficient, and safely on to your wall studs @ 16" on center. No need to hassle about were your jars need to be stored, hassling with pegboards or wood shelves. Here you can purchase the new Slide-A-Jar rack. This product is unique and easy to set up. Only 4 screws a wall and that's all! Slide-A-Jar can store up to 12 Mason,Ball or Kerr jars in just one rack! 12 quarts, or 4 half gallon (conbined with 6 quarts ),or 12 pints. Earthquake proof .Its multipurpose use allows it to also store alcoholic beverage bottles when mason jars are not being stored.